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What people are saying

Kaitlyn                                                                                                                     10/16/08

Really good food and friendly service. Everyting I have tried, I have loved. I highly recommend Primetime.


Bill                                                                                                                            09/02/14

Prime Time has good pizza, and great Gyros! Order a gyro loaded, you'll love it. Best place to go for take out this side of the Cape.


FalmouthExchange                                                                                                10/14/14

We love it!!! Excellent!


Cookerlady                                                                                                              03/01/15

We love, love LOVE this place! We order at least 1 per week whether we pick it up or have it delivered, they are very accommodating, friendly etc. They have the best vegetable pizza around!



FalmouthToyota                                                                                                      03/05/15

We order from here about twice a week, and despite having large, complicated orders they always deliver quality food, on time and we always get what we asked for.


Catherine                                                                                                                09/18/15

Best Jojo fries ever!!! Everyone that works here does a great job!!


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